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Field Guide Series – Common Trees of Arizona

by | Oct 7, 2022

Gain fundamental, practical knowledge of your surroundings

 “Small but Mighty” may be the best way to describe our new Easy Field Guides, reviewed by our own Yvonne Prater, Director of Operations. Each book is fully illustrated, and filled with a plethora of interesting facts that are easy to understand to help answer the thoughtful question, “What is that?”

Easy Field Guide Common Trees of ArizonaIf you missed it, you can read her first Field Guide review here – the first guide reviewed was Common Desert Cactus. This is the second guide in the series and is titled “Common Trees of Arizona.”                                                           

How Many Types of Tree?

In this book, you will find descriptions of 47 of the most common species of trees found in Arizona. Included in those descriptions are characteristics and facts you will find useful in identifying a tree in question, such as whether the tree has leaves with seeds, berries, or pods, or whether it has needles and cones, and at what elevation the tree is most likely found.

Since elevations in Arizona range from about sea level in the southwestern deserts to over 12,000 feet at the highest point, there are many different habitats for trees to grow. This is reflected in a great variety of trees, from the Ironwood which grows only in frost-free areas to old Bristlecone Pines which grow near the timberline.

Did you know that we only have one palm tree native to Arizona? The California Fan Palm, with leaves about 5-feet long, grows in the wild, in Palm Canyon in the Kofa Mountains south of Quartzsite. Any guesses on what the Arizona State Tree is? The answer will not surprise you, but I challenge you to find it on your own when you read the Common Trees of Arizona field guide.

Available Now at Riverbanks at the River of Time

There is great pleasure to be had from gaining fundamental, practical knowledge of your surroundings. We hope you enjoy and anticipate the selected topics in this series each month.  These guides are published by American Traveler Press and can be found in our museum’s gift shop, Riverbanks. We are open Tuesday – Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.