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Please donate to the River of Time Museum & Exploration Center and our mission. Your donation, large or small, one-time or recurring, will help truly us Make a Splash as we seek to spread awareness of our mission.

The Make a Splash Campaign

Together we can make a difference to our desert environment. The smallest stone makes lasting ripples…just $10 or $20 a month can help us educate more people on the important role water plays in our desert environment. Will you Make a Splash to help us?

Ways to Make a Splash!

Every donation we receive is truly appreciated; we could not survive or thrive without the support of our community. There are two ways to donate to the River of Time online:

One-time Donation

Make a one-time donation in any amount you choose, or choose from one of the preset levels. 

Sustainable Donation

Create a sustainable (recurring) donation in the amount you choose, or choose from one of the preset levels. Just check the box below to make it a monthly recurring donation.

Your Donation is Tax-Deductible – Make a Splash! Donate Now!

If you would like to make a fully tax-deductible donation, please use the online form below. In order to ensure that your donation is fully tax-deductible as advised by your tax expert, all of our donors receive a tax receipt indicating that the donation is fully tax-deductible.

This information is not intended as legal advice. Donors should consult their DAF manager, tax advisors, and legal counsel to determine the tax treatment of their proposed contributions.

Why Donate to River of Time?

We do not ask for donations lightly, and we will spend your money wisely. We realize that you have many options to choose from when it comes to making your charitable contributions, and we appreciate your consideration. 

But what do we intend to do with your donation?


Enhance Our Innovative Exhibits

The River of Time features exhibits that depict the history of the people and land along the Lower Verde River, as well as exhibits that highlight the need for water conservation. For each story currently being told, there are many more left to tell. Your donation will help us continue to renovate and expand our exhibits to include more innovative and sophisticated interpretive options to better share our unique stories.


Support Our Programs

The goal of our programs at the River of Time is to bring to life stories through delivering interactive, entertaining, and engaging activities. Your donation will go towards keeping the cost of programming to a minimum, and allow us to produce mind blowing kids’ activities, bring in informative speakers, and increase the scope of our entire programming calendar.


Create Connections

Our staff, board and volunteers are committed to creating long-term connections throughout metro Phoenix and beyond. No institution can survive without strong outreach efforts that go far beyond our own walls. By financially supporting the River of Time, your gift will allow us to reach out and increase public awareness of our important mission.

Our Fundraising Milestones

$3,000 by 11/30/22

One new water themed museum tour

A new docent tour highlighting water sources and use in the Lower Verde River Valley region

$10,000 by 12/31/22
Exploration Experience water themed off-grounds tour

Development of a tour to explore the Bartlett Dam and experience the role of dams in providing water to desert residents.

$18,000 by 1/31/23
Special Speakers Water Series

A series of several water themed lectures presented by local experts

$25,000 by 2/20/23
Water themed outreach program

A STEAM based outreach program developed to AZ state education standards offered to valley area schools

$30,000 by 3/22/2023

World Water Day celebration

A town-wide celebration including vendors, educational organizations and local water agencies. Nationally acclaimed guest speaker.

Make A Splash Fundraiser $1000

Questions? Contact Us Today!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the different ways you can support the River of Time, please feel free to call 480-837-2612 or use our contact form.