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Discover Unique Gifts at the Expanded ‘Riverbanks’ Gift Shop

by | May 5, 2022

As most of you know, the River of Time Museum & Exploration Center was closed for nearly 18 months during the pandemic. What you may not know is that we took advantage of that time to totally renovate the museum and the Riverbanks gift shop.

Come in and Explore for Yourself!


You will find jewelry made from fine stones and metals, many of which came from mines right here in Arizona. Browse the Riverbanks and discover unique household items and artwork made by local artisans depicting the southwest. You will also find many educational children’s items for your little ones to enjoy.

Many of these items that directly correlate with our River of Time exhibits. For example, there are adult and children’s books about the area’s earliest known civilization, the Hohokam, who learned to thrive in this arid land we call home. You’ll find books about southwest foraging for food and medicine, books about our mammal and reptile friends that we share this land with, and books about our neighbors, the Yavapai, who suffered tragedy in the distant past and overcame adversity in recent years.

What will you Find at the Riverbanks?

Children's ToysDid you ever want to test your knowledge about the Lower Verde River and how ancient through present day civilizations have used its precious water to survive, or how to conserve that water now and in the future? Did you ever look to the sky in awe and wonder about the stars and planets, or the universe as a whole? You will find plenty of information on these topics as well.

These are just a few of the items you will find as you browse Riverbanks, looking to expand your knowledge and enjoyment. Are you a River of Time member? If not consider becoming a River of Time Explorer! Our members automatically receive 10% off at Riverbanks!

Riverbanks is for you, so please stop by any time. See you soon!